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Heather just catered my 60-seat medieval costume party, and came up with a truly amazing 15th century French traditional menu. Whole smoked goat, beet roasted turkey presented as a peacock, so many delicious miniature pies and pasties, and salads and sauces that have changed my mind about ginger, arugula, and grains of paradise.

I could not recommend this caterer more highly for your creative feasting needs.

Andrew, October 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

If it weren't for this lady I do not want to know were my health would have been after a marathon of a festival working 17 hour shifts for days. She kept all the volunteers, from the runners to the HOD's going strong with nutritious, healthy food, yet amazingly delicious for days. First festival experience where I'm not feeling like my intestines(and body in general) are about to fall out or just shrivel up and die from lack of nutrition, hunger or exhaustion. The food was served very delicately and conducted to the very name tags she so lovely had customized for the event. Heather is a goddess in the kitchen and a mere joy to be around. I can highly recommend Black Cat Culinary!

Catherine, May 2016 | Bergen, Norway

So I recently went to an event in Boston that was held at the Know No Truth Art Gallery that was catered by Black Cat Culinary. I have to say to food was incredible. There was such a variety of flavorful hors d'oeuvres that were served for this particular event. The space that Heather had to prepare all these dishes was incredibly small, but the food just kept coming out. The trays rarely made it around the room before they had to be replenished. I went to stimulate my eyes, and certainly did, but my sense of taste was completely amazed as well.

William, November 2015 | Boston, MA

Attended my friends Ryan and Drew's wedding and the food was AMAZING!! All done on-site, outdoors in the Metroparks!!! Everything was delicious!!

Melinda, October 2015 | Cleveland, OH

Heather and her team kick up an absolute storm in the kitchen! Heather's creativity for making amazing food is next to none and of all the music festivals I've ever worked/played at, Heather and her company can proudly call themselves the top dog... or should I say top cat :P

Andrew, February 2016 | Bergen, Norway

Heather was, to quote one of my guests, "the absolute bomb!" I've been conducting cooking classes in my home for the last 6 years and hers was absolutely among the best - if not THE best.  She's the only chef we've  brought back multiple times. Very organized, worked very hard, pleasant, taught us some usable skills, and the dishes were both extremely tasty and extremely creative. She knows how to make learning fun. Highly recommend her. Thanks Heather!

Drew, September 2013 | Boston, MA

I traveled from Philadelphia to Boston to host a baby shower. Didn't know what to expect since I had never hired a chef before. Heather made the process very easy. She listened to what I had in mind and made her own suggestions. Her food was inventive, adorably instagrammable and on theme, and SO delicious! Everyone raved. I would highly recommend her for any event!

Jill, April 2013 | Winchester, MA

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