What makes a great restaurant?

what we do

starting from scratch?

running into trouble?

Do you have an idea, but no idea how to implement it? Do you have funding but no experience? Do you just want someone who's been through a ton of restaurant openings to bounce ideas off of?


We've got you covered!

  • concept development & execution

  • brand & identity design

  • menu conceptualization & design

  • staff hiring & training

  • nailing your brand, aesthetic, & strategy

  • leveraging current trends to work in your favor

  • food & labor cost analysis

  • vendor sourcing

  • bar & cocktail program implementation

Uh oh! One too many negative Yelp reviews? Fear not. We're here to help you un-stick yourself, no matter how crazy your situation may be!


We offer:

  • menu consulting

  • rebranding & modernization

  • "mystery shop" assessments

  • staff retraining

  • hiring - helping you find the RIGHT candidates that last!

  • craft cocktail elevation

  • kitchen redesign

  • honest feedback 

  • operations & management overhaul

  • finding your niche in the market

  • social media management


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Los Angeles, CA based | we work worldwide