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what is a mindFULL meal, exactly?

Let's set the scene... You’re successful, interesting, intelligent, and attractive. You’ve secured a hot date, and you really want to impress them with an intimate, romantic dinner at home. There’s just one problem: the last time you tried to cook, the fire department showed up. How the heck are you going to wow your date with a romantic dinner when your EZMac attempts have resulted in disaster?

Let us help.

We are a team of trained culinary professionals who understand how to wow a date. We curate unique, from-scratch gastronomic experiences that are unlike anything on the market. We do the planning, shopping, prep, and deliver it to your door. We walk you through the super easy steps you need to finish the dishes -and just like that, you get to take credit for the meal and look like a master chef in the process.

The pace and the demands of modern life leave us always engaged with work and the world around us, making relaxation and quality time with the ones we love more important than ever - yet it somehow seems to get harder and harder to disconnect and truly be present.

We say put down the phone, and pick up the fork! What better way to be in the moment than sharing a sensory-filled, thoughtful meal through deep conversation? We curate our dinners to be extra special, memorable experiences - this could be anything from Valentine’s Day to the night you decide to propose to your soulmate. However, we’re not limited to just holidays and anniversaries - any random weeknight can be a perfect time to mix it up and let your senses run wild! We believe that there doesn’t have to be a specific day to celebrate love and deepen your connection. Any day can be special - we’re here to help transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

who's askin'?

meals with intention.

Trying new foods creates a unique, memorable experience with others because it leaves everyone just a little bit vulnerable to the unknown. Familiarity breeds comfort- but it can also trigger boredom if our routines and experiences start to stagnate. We’re here to shake things up a bit - to make you just a little bit nervous, to spark that childlike enthusiasm and curiosity that lies deep within us all. We WANT you to play with your food - so we’ve designed our dinners with intention to fully engage all of your senses in a whimsical, flirtatious setting. We want to help you fall in love over a bite of chocolate as you try to identify what’s different about it. We want you to kiss while your lips are buzzing with the iconic tingle of sichuan peppercorns. We want you to savor every flavor and connect on a deeper level. We want you to let go for a few hours and surrender to the experience - that’s why we’ve created meals with feels. Think of this as a modern-day love spell meant to enchant the person you desire.

our difference

Unlike traditional meal delivery services, we focus on crafting a multi-course gastronomic experience in your home - think of us as a hybrid between fine dining, catering, and delivery. Our chefs have trained in Michelin rated kitchens around the world and know how to impress even the most seasoned foodie. Our meals are thematic and immersive experiences that take your taste buds on an adventure around the globe, incorporating hyper-modern molecular gastronomy with high-quality local ingredients, and a keen attention to detail. We bring magic to your table in the form of textures, colors, hard to find ingredients and sensory experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Think of us as your personal pop-up.

how does it work?


 you tell us when you want this dope ass meal delivered to your Netflix and Chill party


 we get to work crafting your love spell. We take care of all the time consuming, difficult details - the planning, shopping, prepping, and packaging


 we put together your super easy recipe for success - clear and concise instructions on how to finish and plate your dinner, then deliver it to your door


 you throw on some Marvin Gaye, strip down to your sexiest apron, set the table, and light up the candles we provide!

Your involvement is minimal - warming, plating, garnishing. You get to look like a rockstar chef without doing any of the hard work, and your date will never know your secret (unless you want them to!)

what you get:

several courses of food, including hors d’oeuvres, main course, and dessert


personalized Spotify playlist

printed menu card

table setting guide

a bottle of sparkling wine (with a unique mixer)



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